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I record sexually explicit erotic audio stories, XXX Audio Roleplay Recordings, NSFW Erotic Audio, POV Audio Dates, Recorded JOI, Fetish Erotica, Masturbation Instructions, and more! These recordings are X rated and designed for men who enjoy a different dimension added to their private masturbation habit. I have an expressive voice, a recording studio, and a solid work ethic. I hate when you listen to an erotic audio recording and it just “sounds” like someone reading a script. I know how to use my voice, change the pace, the tone,  etc. to make an erotic audio recording sounds as authentic as possible.


Many have called me a sex kitten, a minx, and a shameless flirt. Some may call me a woman with a purpose… seduction.  I’ve been called a phone sex artist. Probably all are true. But I am so much more than that. I am a sensual romantic that loves to control men through their hearts and their boners.  I’m a phone sex operator, a businesswoman, a podcaster, a sex-positive thinker, and I have been told I have an awesome voice. It may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”.

I love sex. But I don’t give it away to just any guy. I know they all want my body or expect me to fuck them. But the reality is that I control the sex life of the “relationship”.  All women do or can if they know how to push a man’s buttons, keep him on the line, and know how to wrap them around him around their finger. When I do have sex with a man, I am naughty, kinky, and willing to try new things. I watch porn with him, I am open about my own masturbation habits and dig into his, I wear sexy lingerie, I swallow, I am into anal, and I sometimes enjoy rough sex.  But most often… I tease and deny until I get what I want. And that’s your heart, just so I can break it.

I break boysI BREAK BOYS

Men fall in love with me easily. Men are physically attracted to me everywhere I go. I don’t really want to settle down anytime soon. I am very aware of my power over men. I know how to “coo” and “whisper” and flutter my eyelashes to get what I want. Once I have a guy wrapped around my pinky… I start to lose interest quickly which means I can only break their heart. There is a long trail of pathetic men crying over me right now as you read this.