erotic audio


Are you a horny amateur erotic writer? 

Do you write adult erotic scripts? 

I am seeking erotic writers both amateurs and professionals to assist in writing scripts for recordings. Some scripts I can record for you on the barter system. This means if you write something good for me and you do not mind how I use the recordingthen I will give it to you for free.  If you are an erotic writer for pay then we can negotiate a price. 

I do look for specific kinds of content from anyone who wants to be paid. I like erotica written in the first person point of view that sounds like a person is speaking, as I prefer a natural-sounding recording script. But again, you can contact me to discuss this in more detail. I just wanted to throw this out there right away as not to waste an erotic writer’s time. 


Need Erotic Inspiration?

Let me tell you straight up what I am into. I love POV erotica from the female’s perspective. I love dirty words. I enjoy jerk-off instructions, erotic stories that sound like a one-sided (mine of course) telephone conversation.  I like cuckolding, light domination, tease and denial is a favorite of mine, light humiliation, GFE fantasies, describing a sexual scenario, seductions, describing masturbation, and even complex roleplay scenarios.  I have done science fiction-based fantasies and horror-themed fantasies. Being the nerd that I am I do enjoy those kinds of things too.


Recordings I Will Not Do

I do not do any recordings that contain illegal topics. Such as? Well, stop and think for a moment. If it’s illegal in real life then it’s not cool for me to record it, and I don’t want to record it. No, I cannot be talked into recording something for a higher price, and I am sorry but I am firm on obeying the laws. 



Well, use the contact form and write me an email. I will respond to all legit questions.