Erotic Audio Recording

I have my own recording studio in my home where I can focus on my erotic creativity. Because I have professional mixing and editing equipment all of my audios sound crisp, clear, and clean. In addition, I love sound effects added to my recordings because I believe that they make a fantasy feel more authentic. However, every project is really up to you as a client.

Erotic Audio Recordings

Scarlett audio interface

CM25 large diaphragm condenser microphone

HP60 closed-back headphones

Professional Editing Software and Sound Effects

All recordings are cleaned, edited for mistakes, compressed, and equalized.

Turnaround time depends on the scope of the project

Language and Accent – English, and American

Voice Qualities

I have a natural, conversation, and casual personality. I can be authoritative and commanding because I am an in-charge person. Above all else, I am sensual, fun, intelligent, seductive and professional. My voice is feminine, husky, and slightly raspy. My tones are warm, sweet, flirtatious, and genuine. I’m “expressive” and hate when an audio recording sounds like “reading”. Therefore, your recording will be authentic, and very pleasing to your ear.

As a result, my recordings will create a realistic fantasy experience that is sure to please your imagination! I work hard for each client as an individual… because each project is different. Therefore no two recordings will ever be “alike”.

Erotic Audio Recording